Go Programming Language
02 Mar 2015

Anoop is going to give a demo on the Go Programming Language (golang) and its features in the lab meeting this week (4th of March). He will also discuss about applications that we can exploit this language in order to achieve a better performance. The meeting will be held at usual place at 1:30pm.

Explicit Feature Learning
23 Feb 2015

In the lab meeting this week, Feb 25, Mahdi is going to talk about his recent work on “Explicit feature learning in unsupervised/semi-supervised learning”. He is going to present how to extract features that represent the diversity of the data and use these new features (by themselves or alongside initial set of features) to maximize an objective function. This approach has already been used in supervised learning and here he tries to test it with EM (an unsupervised algorithm). He also will take look at different approaches to find these new features i.e. Maximum Diversity Problem.
The meeting will be held in TASC1 9408 at 1:30pm.

Automatic Question Generation
02 Feb 2015

Lydia will give a practice talk this week on her recent work in automatic question generation. The meeting will be held in TASC1 9408 at 1:30pm.

Abstract :
Automatic question generation from text has been used and adapted to online and self-directed learning platforms. We incorporate methods into the automatic question generation process that are designed to improve question quality by aligning them to the specified pedagogical goals and to a learner’s model. This is achieved by extracting, ranking and filtering relevant sentences in the given learning document as well as the questions automatically generated by their semantic associations to the learner model and instructor goals. We propose evaluation techniques for assessing the quality of the questions generated using both human and automatic evaluation.

How to get things done!
20 Jan 2015

In this week, Wed Jan 21th, Ramtin will present on how to get things done: running jobs, the different systems we have access, lab wiki, etc.
The meeting will be held in TASC1 9408 at 1:30pm.

Here is the link to his slides : Slides

Visualizing Topics in Conversations
12 Jan 2015

For the lab meeting this week, 14th of Jan, Jasneet is going to give a talk about his recent work on visualizing topics in conversations over period of time. The lab meeting will be held in TASC1 9408 at 1:30pm for one hour.

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