20 Mar 2013

Milan Tofiloski will give a talk on Wednesday, 20 March at TASC1 9408. It will start at 11am. The description about his talk is attached below:

Discerning creative text, such as popular quotations, literature, poetry, etc., from generic text, which is ordinary and prosaic, involves evaluating the text’s aesthetic quality. I discuss current works evaluating a text’s aesthetic quality by examining research identifying popular quotations within a text. Identifying candidates for popular quotations is complicated by the difficulty in defining exactly what about the text makes it a candidate (Bendersky & Smith, 2012). I also cover some limitations with existing research and provide avenues for future work.


M. Bendersky and D. A. Smith, “A Dictionary of Wisdom and Wit: Learning to Extract Quotable Phrases,” NAACL-HLT 2012