10 Apr 2013

In the lab meeting on 10 April, 2013, Bruce Krayenhoff will give a talk. The details are below :

We will discuss the first-half of the paper Similarity Estimation Techniques from Rounding Algorithms. ‘Locality sensitive hashing schemes’ enable us to generate hashing functions h such that the probability that h(x)=h(y) is equal to some measure of the similarity between x and y. I will cover what locality sensitive hashing schemes are and what properties they have. In addition, we will consider one such hashing scheme for vectors.

Finally we will consider the definition of the EMD (Earth Mover Distance), and how it can be interpreted. The paper discusses how to use hashing functions to approximate the EMD, however I will be leaving this to a future lab meeting.

The lab meeting will be at TASC1 9408 and start at 1100 hours.