18 Sep 2013

Mark Schmidt will lead discussion on the following paper from CoNLL 2013.

Graph-Based Posterior Regularization for Semi-Supervised Structured Prediction.

We present a flexible formulation of semi-supervised learning for structured models, which seamlessly incorporates graph-based and more general supervision by extending the posterior regularization (PR) framework. Our extension allows for any regularizer that is a convex, differentiable function of the appropriate marginals. We show that surprisingly, non-linearity of such regularization does not increase the complexity of learning, provided we use multiplicative updates of the structured exponentiated gradient algorithm. We illustrate the extended framework by learning conditional random fields (CRFs) with quadratic penalties arising from a graph Laplacian. On sequential prediction tasks of handwriting recognition and part-of-speech (POS) tagging, our method makes significant gains over strong baselines.

The lab meeting will start at 1130 hours at TASC1 9408.