15 Sep 2014

In the lab meeting on Wednesday, 17th September in TASC1 9408 at 1030 hours, Golnar will give a talk about Detecting Health Related Discussions in Everyday Telephone Conversations for Studying Medical Events in the Lives of Older Adults. Following is the abstract of the paper:

We apply semi-supervised topic modeling techniques to detect health-related discus- sions in everyday telephone conversations, which has applications in large-scale epidemiological studies and for clinical interventions for older adults. The privacy requirements associated with utilizing everyday telephone conversations preclude manual annotations; hence, we explore semi-supervised methods in this task. We adopt a semi-supervised version of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to guide the learning process. Within this framework, we investigate a strategy to discard irrelevant words in the topic distribution and demonstrate that this strategy improves the average F-score on the in-domain task and an out-of-domain task (Fisher corpus). Our results show that the increase in discussion of health related conversations is statistically associated with actual medical events obtained through weekly self-reports.