15 Mar 2015

This Wednesday (18th of March), Dan Fass is going to give a talk on the OCC Model of Emotion Types. Lab meeting will be held in TASC1 9408 at 1:30pm. Here is the abstract of this talk:

Abstract: The OCC Model of emotion (Ortony et al, 1988) is one of the best-known theories of emotion and the most widely used emotion theory of its type computationally. The model consists of 22 categories of emotion (known as “emotion types”) that Ortony et al organized into a hierarchy. Steunebrink (2010) took a compositional view of the emotion types, resulting in a restructuring of the types into an inheritance hierarchy. In this talk, an alternative method is used to identify issues with certain OCC Model emotion types, and a solution is proposed for the issues identified. The solution is then related to Steunebrink’s work and other work in affective science, affective NLP, and affective computing.