24 Mar 2015

In the lab meeting this week, Wed March 25th, Paulo Marques, our visiting researcher, will talk about his research proposal, titled “Brazilian research funding in dengue – 2000-2014”.

Abstract: The research proposal focuses on funding for science and technology in Brazil. The expectation is to bring to discussion the imperative of the search for data sources which would allow the first and necessary step to rethink public policies on the subject to be taken. Dispersed and fragmented data about research funding cause challenges to build solid public policies. In addition, a big number of funding agencies in Brazil brings the necessity of an appropriate coordination. Its main goal is to develop a methodology in order to explain the pattern of public funding of the research on dengue in Brazil from the Federal Official Gazette (FOG).

Bio: Paulo graduated in Information Technology (1992) and during almost 15 years he was in charge of my own business focused on IT infrastructure. In 2006 he began to work for one of the major health research and development institution in Brazil called Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. He is a post-graduated in Scientific and Technology Information in Health (2007); and has a Master in Public Health (2011). Nowadays he is a graduate student in Health Information and Communication; and he is doing part of his doctorate in Natlang Lab/SFU.