18 May 2016

Several lab members will be traveling to the North West NLP Workshop NW-NLP 2016 in Seattle, USA on Friday May 20th.

The workshop is hosted by Amazon, Inc. at Suite 700, 1220 Howell Street, Seattle WA.

The following papers from the SFU Natlang Lab will be presented there:

  • Talk at 10am: Improving Statistical Machine Translation with a Multilingual Paraphrase Database, Ramtin M. Seraj, Maryam Siahbani, and Anoop Sarkar
  • Posters at 12:30pm:
    • Learning Segmentations that Balance Latency versus Quality in Spoken Language Translation, Hassan S. Shavarani, Maryam Siahbani, Ramtin Mehdizadeh Seraj, Anoop Sarkar.
    • Evaluating classification accuracy of funding for research in the Brazilian Federal Official Gazette, Paulo Marques and Fred Popowich.
    • Recommending Alternate Reading Materials Using Probabilistic Topic Models, Lydia Odilinye and Fred Popowich.
    • Visualizing Political Press Briefings For Changes In Stance Between Agents, Milan Tofiloski and Fred Popowich.

Also presenting from SFU Linguistics:

  • Talk at 3:30pm: Mapping different rhetorical relation annotations: a proposal, Farah Benamara and Maite Taboada.