06 Mar 2018

In our first lab meeting in March, Anoop will talk about computational morphology. Here is the title and abstract of his talk:

Title: The K&K result

Abstract: Kaplan and Kay (henceforth K&K) announce two goals: “to provide the core of a mathematical framework for phonology” and “to establish a solid basis for computation in thedomain of phonological and orthographic systems.” They show how the algebra of regular relations, with their corresponding automata, can be used to compile systems of phonological rules in the style of SPE, including directionality, optionality, and ordering. They sketch mechanisms for incorporating a lexicon and for dealing with exceptional forms, thus providing a complete treatment in a unified framework. (text from “Commentary on Kaplan and Kay by Mark Liberman)

Wednesday, March 7th, 10-11 AM, Location: TASC1 9408.