16 May 2018

For our lab meeting this week, Nishant will talk about improving decipherment with RNNs . Here’s the title and abstract of his talk:

Title: Can Recurrent Neural Networks help improve Decipherment ?

Abstract: Decipherment in NLP has always been an interesting topic of research. There have been quite a few successful approaches inspired by statistical machine translation (SMT) methodologies to address the decipherment problem in the past. With the rampant rise of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to prominence and the encouraging results neural language model powered systems have produced, approaching the decipherment problem with deep learning is only logical. In this talk, Nishant will discuss the progress of his research on his on Neural Decipherment, a few solved ciphers and a comparison of his results with notable previous work.

Wednesday, May 16th, 10-11 AM, Location: TASC1 9408.