30 Jun 2020

In our lab meeting tomorrow, Hassan will introduce the online privacy. A Zoom link will be posted to Twist on the morning of the meeting.

Does Privacy Exist When We Are Online?

Abstract: You have most likely tried creating accounts in different websites, and have been forced to look at their privacy policy and terms pages. If you are like me, you have very likely tried to get to the last line of those pages as fast as possible to accept the terms and get your account. In this presentation, we are going to discuss “privacy” and “digital identity” and what you might have missed in fast browsing those terms pages (we will study the privacy policy and terms of an example service). We will also learn our rights in releation to these policies as the service users. At the end, I will present my suggestions to have a higher level of privacy while using internet.

Tuesday, June 30th, 09:30 a.m.