27 Apr 2021

This week, Hassan will give us a review on a paper about Error Analysis. This is one of the two “Best Long Paper Award” winners of the EACL 2021 which ended 3 days ago. A zoom link will be sent tomorrow morning.

Error Analysis and the Role of Morphology

Abstract: We evaluate two common conjectures in error analysis of NLP models: (i) Morphology is predictive of errors; and (ii) the importance of morphology increases with the morphological complexity of a language. We show across four different tasks and up to 57 languages that of these conjectures, somewhat surprisingly, only (i) is true. Using morphological features does improve error prediction across tasks; however, this effect is less pronounced with morphologically complex languages. We speculate this is because morphology is more discriminative in morphologically simple languages. Across all four tasks, case and gender are the morphological features most predictive of error.


Tuesday, Apr 27th, 09:30 a.m.