24 Nov 2021

This week’s lab meeting is moved to Wednesday, 24 Nov, 13:00. Ashkan has selected three papers to survey from EMNLP:

  • Language Modeling, Lexical Translation, Reordering: The Training Process of NMT through the Lens of Classical SMT (https://aclanthology.org/2021.emnlp-main.667.pdf) This paper analyzes how NMT acquires different competencies during training and looks at the competencies related to three core SMT components (LM, Lexical translation, and Reordering).

  • RULEBERT: Teaching Soft Rules to Pre-Trained Language Models (https://aclanthology.org/2021.emnlp-main.110.pdf) This paper introduce a classification task where, given facts and soft rules, pretrained language models should return a prediction with a probability for a given hypothesis.

  • Machine Translation Decoding beyond Beam Search (https://aclanthology.org/2021.emnlp-main.662.pdf) This paper explores alternatives to beam search and tries to see if beam search can be replaced by a more powerful metric-driven search technique.

Wednesday, 24 November at 13:00

After this week we will have a short end-of-semester hiatus while lab members are traveling or absent.